Wood Crafts & DESIGN

Davis Family Creations, When We Make Sawdust... We Create Dreams





We strive daily to reach  your dreams through crafting beautiful pieces that you can share with your friends and family in your homes and businesses. We are in love with our profession. It is a dying art, but we will carry it into the next generation. We make magic everyday and find ourselves, wielding the magic wand daily. Our heart and soul goes into every piece.

Home office new number 850-665-4608

Cell number 850-313-0853

Barn Doors 

Popular Styles

Double X Door Starting $611

Half X Door Starting $596

Weathered wood doors Starting $650

Ready to Ship

Low Cost Pine  Starting $600

3 panel Shaker style Chevron Starting $875

Horizontal pattern Starting $569

Classic X Brace Starting $596

Classic Single Panel Starting $650

Chevron Door Starting $850

Single Glass Panel Starting $791

Classic Z Brace Starting $569 single door

British Brace Starting $596 single door

Craftsman 3 Panel starting $757

Craftsman Double Panel Starting $617

5 Panel Glass Horizontal Starting $908

MidBar Starting $569

ChalkBoard Door $838