Here is a Little Story About a Brewhouse In Aurora Colorado Named Pilothouse Brewing Company

If you have come to our website via a link from Pilothouse then you have come to learn how we got shafted from Jean Verrier, the owner of Pilothouse Brewing Company. We started building the beautiful bar in November 2017. Jean Verrier took the product off the delivery truck on March 25, 2018 and did not install it for 2 months. He stated everything was beautiful, but after 2 months he claimed it was "SHIT". He complained to his credit card company that it was not delivered. That was the first lie. We showed it was delivered. The second lie was it was 5 feet short, not the case. It is in place and beautiful. He has lied and Frauded his credit card company and we are out $13,000, exactly $13,019.55. The only thing we did not deliver were $800 in cushions. We were willing to give him that money back, but he has made this a huge mess and we are now, making this come to light on social media for everyone to see, since he is a liar and a fraud. So we want you to pass the word. #BOYCOTTpilothouse

Below is a small picture of the bar and if you have been there you have seen it. We want our money. My husband is an Army Veteran and needs a Knee Replacement and this is holding us up and now we are having a lien against our home, because of this man. He is now trying scare tactics with his attornies Messner Reeves LLP. Please forward to all your friends

Thanks George and Brenda Davis